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The Computer Newspaper is the Internet’s primary source of words written and arranged by members of Cook St. Productions. Due to a strict policy of neo-nepotism, our writing staff has unprecedented access to the thoughts and minds of Cook St., and are able to craft those thoughts into tangent-rich articles on whatever bothered us on Facebook that day.

The Computer Newspaper Asks Their Dads!

The Computer Newspaper co-founders T. Robert Lindner and J. Robert Tyrrell may come across as though they have the world all figured out, this could not be further from the truth. Desperate for wisdom and a good laugh, this week they e-mailed their Dads (Bob and Willy) three questions to see what ki

The Google Instant Game

The premise behind Google Instant is simple and not altogether innovative as it was offered, in some capacity, on other search engines before Google introduced it in September of 2010.  By offering suggested results as the user types their word or phrase into the search bar, Google estimates that it

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London Appalling

This is beating a horse corpse (I did actually check–it is a band name), but I really need to talk about the big news of last month. In case you live under an effing rock, here goes the back story: a new poll shows that 35 percent of British adults still sleep with a teddy bear  (http://www.da

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Heredity Borrowed

I am not an avid reader, but when I do crack open a book, I try to ensure it’s a piece of literature that will imprint 3 or 4 lasting ideas in my brain.  That may be a modest goal, but it’s one that I have resigned to accept after years of forgetting everything I have ever learned.  Also, and this i

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