Rotten Potatoes

We don’t just like making films; we like talking about them, too!  Our Rotten Potatoes podcast, sponsored by Sexpot Comedy, is a chance to hear the Cook St. guys play improv games, answer questions from fans, and bet on the Rotten Tomatoes score for a new movie coming out.  Produced with Scott Robinson, you can stream/download all previous episodes on SoundCloud, or subscribe using iTunes or your neighborhood podcast app!

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Popstar Never stop never stopping when it comes to the Rotten Tomatoes score of a Lonely Island movie. Plus, we saw ‘The Lobster,’ and how can you resist talking about ‘The Lobster.’ All that and the perfect NBA starting 5 of actors, just in time for the solstice. June 8, 2016
Mother’s Day Even though VALENTINE’S DAY and NEW YEAR’S EVE are cinematic garbage, we ain’t afraid to put ourselves out there and guess the Rotten Tomato score of MOTHER’S DAY. Please observe a moment of silence for the loser this week. Also – let’s talk best movie moms and dads! It’s Mother’s Day, y’all! May 8, 2016
The Jungle Book The Jungle Book is AMAZEBALLS if you believe its Rotten Tomato score – Justin thinks that’s probably because people are dumb and love talking animals. Also, Evan hated ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ and gives the full review! April 26, 2016
God’s Not Dead 2 We love bad movies, but we REALLY love bad movies that have a Christian agenda. The 2014 original made 60 million dollars in a country where 70% of people are ‘absolutely certain’ God exists. Enter Cook St., who has to guess the Rotten Tomatoes score, and talk about what movies make them cry (11:00 in). April 05, 2016
Our 20 Favorite Comedians of All-Time (Part 2) The exciting conclusion to our countdown, you’ll never guess what number is #1 … it’s 1! February 11, 2016
Our 20 Favorite Comedians of All-Time (Part 1) Cook St. loves loves loves comedy movies, and likes ranking things. So we figured out our collective Top 20, and talked about the list. This episode covers #20 thru #11. February 09, 2016
The Revenant What do you do after you write and direct ‘Birdman?’ The boys talk ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘Amy,’ then Travis reviews ‘Hateful’ Eight’ and Tarantino’s obsession with the n-word (9:15), choose cartoons to be made as live-action (20:50), and guess the score for Innaritu’s winter survival epic (33:27). January 17, 2016
The Hateful Eight Did you see Star Wars? So did we! We discuss our reactions (and unfortunately, Basement Dave’s as well) to the modern epic. After suggesting new soundtracks for some of their beloved movies, the boys talk about the breadth of Quentin Tarantino’s career and wonder if we should expect more of the same from his new movie, The Hateful Eight. December 31, 2015
Star Wars! Star Wars is about to take a dump on the box office so the boys get together to pretend they know what’s going in the Lucas universe. Also, we talk why ‘Lolita’ can’t be made into a film, and we make a side bet on Evan’s pun game. December 20, 2015
In the Heart of the Moby Dick Movie The boys are happy to join the Sexpot Comedy Network in Denver, CO, and much much less happy to be talking about Ron Howard’s new epic sea adventure. VERY SPECIAL fan male segment where Cook St. raps! December 14, 2015
The Night Before The boys review ‘Steve Jobs,’ preview ‘The Night Before,’ and release an exclusive Fan Male trailer for the holiday classic ‘Shanksgiving.’ November 30, 2015
Steve Jobs Why does this movie exist? Ahh who cares, the boys have a lot to say about Steve Jobs, and the people involved, specifically Michael Fassbender, Danny Boyle, and Aaron Sorkin. They also gab about texting, emojis, and statutory rape! October 22, 2015
The Martian October much? We’re excited because The Martian means 2 hours of Matt Damon, even if Ridley Scott has a sketchy past. Plus, we get to talk about space law, Colbert’s new show, and pick companions for a deserted island stay. October 09, 2015
The Zac Efron DJ Movie The title is We Are Your Friends but honestly who cares? It’s about EDM and stars Zac Efron. The boys also recap their impressions of Trainwreck and Straight Outta Compton. September 08, 2015
The End of the Tour The boys and Basement Dave talk about David Foster Wallace and the movie “The End of the Tour,” but only after saying what Hollywood superstars they could probably replace. August 16, 2015
Trainwreck The boys are excited about potentially the summer’s biggest comedy, Trainwreck, but feel the need to assail the reputation of both Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow, anyway. They also talk Inside Out, new music, and unlikely sexy female characters. July 20, 2015
Entourage Ohhh yeahhh! Ohhh yeahhh! Vince, E, Drama, & Turtle get together to guess the Rotten Tomato score of a very unnecessary Entourage movie. Plus, we talk Aloha, but let us never speak of it again. June 06, 2015
Aloha Cameron Crowe has a romantic comedy in theaters, so we have to talk about it. We also talk Kill Bill, and go over Avengers 2 trivia. June 01, 2015
Avengers 2 In preparation for another Avengers, the boys create their own superheroes and talk about Furious 7. May 08, 2015
Fast & Furious 7 Nate gives his thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey before the boys do their civic American duty and guess the score of Furious 7… Apr 03, 2015
50 Shades of Grey Evan recaps the atrocity that is Mortdecai, but the undeniable highlight is all four Cook St. members attempting to wrap their conservative minds around the erotic appeal of 50 Shades of Grey. Feb 16, 2015
Mortdecai OH MAN has Johnny Depp fallen from grace. Mortdecai promises to be the lowest point of his career, so we talk about that and Jennifer Lawrence’s dating history. Also – the premiere of a new segment called ‘Basement RecommenDAVEtions with Basement Dave,’ where our downstairs neighbor tells us Sucker Punch is good. Jan 27, 2015
The 20 Best Funny People Right Now Justin wrote a piece for The Computer Newspaper that systematically ranks the 20 best people in comedy working today. Travis and Evan address their issues with the list so we blow it out on a very special, blockbuster pod. Jan 07, 2015
Inherent Vice The boys are here to talk Inherent Vice, the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, but mostly discuss Evan’s experience seeing Foxcatcher, plus Andrew Keegan and Hitler, not to mention an epic fan male where they build their ideal video store. Dec 17, 2014
Foxcatcher Oh boy Oh boy is Steve Carell good in Foxcatcher. Or at least that’s what we hear, which means the movie may be just okay. Also, Travis reviews Interstellar, and we talk about what actors and comedians we have changed our opinion on, for better or worse. Nov 26, 2014
Interstellar The guys love Christopher Nolan and love outer space, but hate 3-hour movies. They talk Interstellar and discuss who would be a part of the perfect man weekend. Nov 13, 2014
Birdman Fresh off a wonderful viewing of Gone Girl, host Justin takes us through such hot-button issues as book adaptations and child porn prison sentencing. Most of the episode is spent anticipating and imagining future movies, as well as the requisite “Doesn’t Birdman look really interesting?” talk. Oct 25, 2014
Gone Girl The gaggle talks Gone Girl and David Fincher films after spending way too long on a visualization exercise. Oct 09, 2014
Life of Crime Even though there are absolutely no movies worth seeing in theaters, the crew discusses Life of Crime. We empty out the Fan Male, talk about horror movies and high schoolers having sex, the usual. Sep 09, 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles What if a bunch of turtles became mutants, then learned how to become ninjas, and thennn also were TEENS?!?!? Cook St. examines this ridiculous premise, as well as mine their own personal connections to TMNT. Things get dicey, however, when forced to choose their favorite Turtle. Also, Evan gives a review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and we choose what movie characters we want to be friends with. Aug 14, 2014
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes / Boyhood After a few weeks of bland fare, the boys re-convene to discuss the summer movie season at its halfway point, and whether or not Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has a chance to be a hit or if just no one cares. They also discuss the logistics of the movie Boyhood and the experience of shooting a movie over 12 years as a writer, director, actor, studio, etc. Jul 11, 2014
22 Jump Street All four gentleman re-convene (for real, this time) to guess the score of 22 Jump Street, and we also get Evan’s review of Million Ways To Die in the West and talk about Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, and Sia’s new song “Chandelier.” Jun 12, 2014
Edge of Tomorrow The boys get together to talk Edge of Tomorrow, a new Tom Cruise action movie that requires hours of speculation and earnest approval. Jun 10, 2014
A Million Ways to Die in the West The trio of Evan, Justin, and Travis re-convene to talk Seth Macfarlane and his sordid history of low-brow smarm, as well as confess the different multimedia they are embarrassed (but mostly proud) to have missed out on. Jun 04, 2014
Godzilla Justin dares to ask the question, “Why does godzilla always have to be a lizard?” Plus, Evan gives a solid review of the trailers before Neighbors while Travis drinks a Four Loko. May 19, 2014
Neighbors With summer movie season once again upon us, Hollywood serves it up easy with a Seth Rogen/Zac Efron frat-house comedy called Neighbors. Are we willing to trust the people involved? Also, Travis gives us a breakdown of what sucked in Draft Day and Justin dismantles the logic behind a Fan Male question about the best side-characters in movie history. May 10, 2014
Draft Day The boys talk about scenes they wish they had written, as well as discuss the peculiar existence of the movie Draft Day — a film that seems to be just an advertisement for the NFL and Kevin Costner. Justin gives a review of Noah and has trouble reconciling his understanding of The Bible with rock giants. Apr 22, 2014
Noah Just because Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is a lightning rod for criticism, that doesn’t mean Cook St. won’t put their heads together and figure out what Rotten Tomato score it will get and also what Noah’s ark is. They also discuss their favorite child actor performances of all-time and all weigh in on The Grand Budapest Hotel with mitigated excitement. Apr 02, 2014
Grand Budapest Hotel The boys are all excited as any new Wes Anderson movie requires they all convene and wax romantic about their favorite filmmaker. There are no arguments in this episode, just stream-of-consciousness flattery. We also talk about the most uncomfortable scenes we’ve sat through and Nate talks Monuments Men review. Mar 13, 2014
The 2013 Rotten Potato Awards! The boys offer a comprehensive review of the year (2013) in movies, handing out a bevy of awards voted on by Cook St. and their fans. Categories include: Most Egregious Rotten Tomato score, Worst Romantic Chemistry, Best Trailer, Best Performance, Best Indie Darling, and Best Movie. Feb 27, 2014
The Monuments Men A February release for Monuments Men is considered inauspicious, not to mention the tone problems when you put Ocean’s 11 in World War II. The boys also talk Philip Seymour Hoffman and performers who have no sex appeal, plus a surprisingly sterling review of That Awkward Moment. Feb 08, 2014
That Awkward Moment The first potentially-crappy movie of 2014 is here — That Awkward Moment — hashtag and all. The boys rail against the use of the term ‘awkward’ in today’s society as well as the term ‘Zac Efron.’ The final 20 minutes is a spoiler-heavy discussion of the movie Her, which all four guys have seen and now require coping strategies. Feb 01, 2014
Her The boys reference their excitement for the Spike Jonze robot love story “Her” about 400 times, even though they have their concerns about artificial intelligence taking their jobs and overruning the porn industry. Also, Evan gives his review of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and everyone lists their favorite movie character crushes of all-time. Jan 22, 2014
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Despite Evan’s physical absence, the rest of Cook St. hedges their Rotten Tomato bets by discussing other dreamlike fantasy adventure films, as well as Ben Stiller’s interesting career as an actor and director, plus the inherent dangers of a PG rating. We also talk about what movie formula makes us cry, and relatedly, the downfall of Ron Burgundy. Dec 27, 2013
Anchorman 2 COOOOOOOOK STREEEEEEEEET! ASSSSSSSSEMMMMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLLE! SORRY. WE ARE JUST REALLY EXCITED. With a sequel to Anchorman being released in theaters, the boys ride the hope rollercoaster, singing the endless praises of the original Ron Burgundy story, Will Ferrell, and the quote machine that followed. And of course, they keep their expectations tempered given that there has never been a critically well-received comedy sequel ever. Should be interesting. Also, we talk about our favorite holiday movies in Fan Male. Dec 19, 2013
Inside Llewyn Davis With the phenomenon of Hunger Games behind us, the boys look ahead to the Oscar-bait movie season ahead. This means we are talking about Inside Llewyn Davis — the new film from the Coen Brothers. We also run through our favorite TV comedies in an excellent Fan Male segment, and get extremely sidetracked arguing about Justin Timberlake’s status in pop culture and if Justin should try out the Fast & Furious franchise now that Paul Walker has passed away. Dec 11, 2013
Hunger Games: Catching Fire The glass ceiling has been broken! Cook St. welcomes their first female guest, Ava, who is a big fan of the podcast as well as an authority on Young Adult fiction. She and the boys try to preview the sequel to Hunger Games without gushing too heavily about Jennifer Lawrence. They also discuss what ‘movie party’ they’d like to go to most, as well as listen to Justin complain about About Time. Nov 22, 2013
About Time Without any shame, the boys of Cook St. eagerly preview About Time, a British time-traveling romantic comedy by the creator of Love Actually. Besides waxing poetic about the merits of Love Actually, they also discuss the inherent problems with time travel in movies, namely how a man’s sexual performance could improve with said ability. Also, Nate tells us what it was like to be the youngest person at Last Vegas and the boys discuss the varying degrees to which comedy actors turn to drama, and vice versa. Nov 15, 2013
Last Vegas Listen to four guys that are in denial of their own aging make fun of a movie about four aging guys in Las Vegas. We debate Morgan Freeman’s career the past 15 years and other possilbe premises for the elderly. Other topics include Gravity’s underwhelming cultural impact, our favorite movie soundtracks, and how knowing that Orson Scott Card is a homophobe colors the enjoyment of Ender’s Game. Nov 08, 2013
Gravity The biggest movie of 2013 is seemingly upon us with Alfonso Cuaron’s 3-D space epic “Gravity.” We discuss the director’s long takes and impressive resume, as well as how much we like George Clooney on-and-off screen. Before we get to dissecting Gravity, the Cook St. boys talk about Justin’s review of Don Jon as well as talk about movies that disappointed them, you know, for a change of pace. Oct 10, 2013
Don Jon The beginning of Fall movie season gives us a chance to talk about the directorial debut, “Don Jon,” of one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed young actors — Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We also trade pornography anecdotes, discuss addiction, and call shenanigans on casting yourself as a lady-slaying Guido. We also discuss our top movie moments and Nate hosts the podcast naked. Oct 05, 2013
Summer Pop Culture Round(Up)Table After taking the month of August off, the boys re-convene with summer in their rearview. In a special episode, they do a quick run-down of everything that was, and possibly will be, important about popular culture in the summer of 2013. For instance, a lot of young celebrities and professional football players demonstrate bad behavior. Music seems to be dominated by just one song, “Blurred Lines,” all because of a good YouTube video. The summer box office is full of big-budget action movies that were okay in quality, but the public is nostalgic for the good ‘ol days. And in television, the things that take themselves the least seriously (“The Bachelorette,” “Sharknado”) are the most popular events. What a unique, unbelievable summer! Also, the boys bet on ‘Boy Meets World’ episodes to see who hosts next episode…naked. Sep 05, 2013
The To-Do List The boys return from seeing Grown-Ups 2 and spend about 20 minutes dissecting every bad joke they can remember on the 7% film. This week’s movie is The To-Do List, a raunchy female take on the teen sex genre. We talk about the great teen sex comedies of the last 30 years, rage against 80s nostalgia, and have a stirring, uneducated debate about the U.S. postal service. Aug 01, 2013
Grown Ups 2 They made a Grown-Ups 2! They made a Grown-Ups 2! If you love to hate bad movies, you are in for a treat on this one! The boys of Cook St. have the unenviable task of guessing the Rotten Tomato score of what will surely be one of the worst movies ever. We rip apart Adam Sandler’s last decade of movies and why all of his cohorts are just as bad. Travis also discusses The Heat and we talk about Veep a lot. Jul 19, 2013
The Heat Happy 4th of July, American listeners! We bring the heat this week! Which has nothing to do with our speculative review of buddy cop formula comedy The Heat. We cast our doubts about Melissa McCarthy’s versatility as well as prove to Evan that Sandra Bullock and The Proposal are perfect. Also: a review of Man of Steel by Justin, a special Dump/F***/Marry, and we choose movies to show our future wives. Jul 02, 2013
Man of Steel With Christopher Nolan involved in the new ‘Man of Steel,’ the boys decide to discuss the best superhero movies of all-time and America’s fascination with the genre. They also air their numerous grievances with Superman in particular, and find ways to undermine Jamie Foxx and Hugh Jackman. Not only that: we want questions from females! Jun 22, 2013
After Earth The new film After Earth by Will Smith (the MOVIE STAR!) and M. Night Shyamalan (Rotten Tomato poison) somehow leads to a divisive discussion about penises, movie candy, Scientology, and Tom Cruise versus Tom Hanks. We understand if you choose to unsubscribe. Jun 11, 2013
The Hangover III Cook St. Productions has a LOT to say about comedy. With the release of the dreadful Hangover III, the boys decided to spend a Friday night getting drunk in a garage, and the result is a meandering, hour-long discussion where they rank Zach Galifinakis and The Hangover relative to their peers. Also, each member of Cook St. describes their shower routine as part of their NEW “Fan Male” segment. May 29, 2013
The Great Gatsby SUMMER MOVIE SEASON HAS ARRIVED — and with it, arrives false hope from Cook St. Productions for an actual good movie to talk about. Young and naive, the boys do their best to talk about American literature, how they DON’T want to hook up with Leo, and how truly, indisputably awful Tobey Maguire is. Travis also takes us inside the world of Pain & Gain by reciting several of the terrible lines he was forced to swallow just hours before recording the podcast. May 16, 2013
Pain & Gain After taking April off, the Cook St. boys are back to discuss Michael Bay’s newest opus: Pain & Gain. While there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Michael Bay, Mark Wahlberg, and The Rock, there is ample time spent on Sandra Bullock’s greatest hits, what it means for a movie to be a ‘true story,’ and also how sex addiction affects both genders. Nate also gives his review of GI Joe: Retaliation and … spoiler alert: one of the boys guesses Pain & Gain’s Rotten Tomato score exactly. May 01, 2013
G.I. Joe: Retaliation After Justin dissects the CGI love triangle that was Oz the Great and Powerful, the boys do their best to feign interest in the just-released G.I. Joe: Retaliation, mostly out of support for star Channing Tatum. Despite all the telltale signs (The Rock, the plot, some guy named Zartan) of a terrible film, Nate maintains there is no such thing as a bad kung-fu/military movie about toys. Apr 03, 2013
Oz the Great and Powerful The whole gang is here to dissect the release of 2013’s first ‘big’ movie: Oz the Great and Powerful. Mostly this means discussing their problems with James Franco and how he is contractually obligated to m********e in every film. Also, Evan gives his review of A Good Day To Die Hard. Mar 14, 2013
A Good Day To Die Hard “Should we do a podcast?” is a rhetorical question most unemployed comedy troupes ask themselves at one point. Cook St. Productions begins their podcasting career with a simple gimmick: bet on the Rotten Tomato scores of movies coming out in theaters. First Up: A Good Day To Die Hard Feb 22, 2013